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Featured Blogger: LLYMLRS

This month's featured blogger is Lily from LLYMLRS.
I've only been reading LLYMLRS for a couple of months, but it's already one of my favourite blogs. Just like last month's featured blogger Gem, Lily is a normal girl who knows how to look good on a student budget.

Here's the little interview Lily was kind enough to give me:

How would you describe your blog?
LLYMLRS is basically a fashion blog, for normal girls by a normal girl with a normal life, with afforable, obtainable clothes. I never wanted it to be anything else apart from that. I dont like the type of blogs that are like "Ooh heres 24 photographs of me prancing around in a $500 vintage designer dress, carrying a latte and my new designer bag!" They dont seem real or relatable. And that is my goal really! I want to be relatable!

Why did you start blogging?
It actually started out as a art blog, I started blogging as another form of creative outlet. I do Graphic Design at university and I was becoming bored with the lack of motivation and desire to produce my "own" work. Somehow from that, spawned all the Fashion related stuff, and now its pretty much just a fashion blog! It probably will always keep its artistic side though!

What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?
All the kind tweets, comments and emails I get on a regular basis! Its great being able to interact with people on a daily basis. I dont have many female friends around here 80% of the year, because they are all at university, and although my two bezzies, Kyle and Greg are awesome, they dont like to talk about fashion and beauty. Although I do drag them along with me to Topshop practically every day. Its nice to be able to chat to like minded people about fashion and style!

How would you describe your style?
I always say that my style is messy, electic and experimental. I like to mix and match pattens as well as wear classic pieces and just generally have fun when I'm putting outfits together. I don't like to stick to trends, but I do like to play around with them. Im really loving the whole neutrals at the moment, even though they don't suit me, Im drawn to anything dusky pink or nude!

Who, or what, are your style inspirations?
Of course to be cliche people like Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton, Jameela Jamal, Mary Kate Olsen, Daisy Lowe and Corey Kennedy. My ultimate style icon is Marianne Faithful, The way she used to dress was so timeless, and you can totally imagine what she was wearing back in the 60's been acceptable now!

Where are your favourite places to shop?
At the moment Im really loving H&M, I think their clothes are reasonably priced and very versitile. They have some of the nicest basics and more quirky items. I love their acessories too because they are super cheap and their rings dont go green as quickly as other brands!

What's on your fashion wishlist at the moment?
I really want 100's of white lacey long sleeved dresses. I've found my "holy grail" white lace dress in Topshop, But I'm starting to think I need a few more! Oh and also I really want another pair of leopard print moccasins that I got from Primark years ago, but thats just a dream! I actually found a pair of them on ebay in my size that I quickly bid on, fingers crossed I get them!

What looks or trends are you liking/trying out this summer?
I REALLY want to try a maxi dress. I just cant bring myself to wear one in public. I've got one lurking in my wardrobe but I think it might look weird coz I'm quite short!

Would you ever consider a career in fashion?
Yeah definitely. Despite wanting to be a Graphic Designer, I love fashion, Its my other great passion! I'd love to be a stylist or a visual merchandiser. Or even be a fashion buyer. To be honest I'd love to just do anything fashion related!

Do you have any style tips you'd like to share with readers of The Fish Tank?
Be brave and experiment! Especially when it comes to patterns and colour, If you just experiment and see what happens you never know what might come up. I've found some of my favourite outfits from just playing around with different acessories/cardigans/coats/hats/scarves/bags!

Thanks Lily for being so lovely and answering my questions :)
Everyone else, go and read LLYMLRS now!

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