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Individual False Eyelashes

Wearing false eyelashes in the daytime, not just for nights out, seems to be getting more and more common. A lot of my favourite bloggers seem to regularly wear falsies. The false eyelash explosion in the UK (which can probably be credited to Cheryl Cole) has meant that there's now a huge range of different styles to choose from, and loads of them are really pretty and natural, not OTT Katie Price/The Only Way Is Essex* massive things.
*I will admit, I am actually obsessed with TOWIE. It's brilliant, in a guilty pleasure kind of way.

I picked up some Ardell lashes recently, after remembering that Gem Fatale blogged about them aaages ago, before you could buy them in the UK (you can get them in Superdrug now), and they're so lovely and natural looking. I'm going to save those for another post though, because I've ordered a whole lot more "natural" falsies with a view to doing a seperate blog post on them. They're being delivered to my house in England though, so I won't be getting around to that until I'm home from France at Christmas.

Today I wanted to do a post about individual false eyelashes, because I love them, but most people seem to avoid them because they think they would take too long, or be too difficult to apply. But they're really not. The main difference (other than the obvious) is that you use a different, longer lasting glue for the individual lashes, so you don't take them off at the end of the day, they last for up to 2 weeks. I think that's the main reason people don't use them as much, they don't realise that you can keep them on. It's not a load of extra application time just to take them off after one day.
So, here's a quick intro for if you haven't used individual fake eyelashes before.

Individual false eyelashes come in two types, flares, which are a few lashes stuck together in a fanned out, V-shape, and ones which look like a single lash, but are usually made up of two or three seperate lashes ontop of one another, to make them thicker, which are alse called eyelash extensions.

The non-flare "extension" type can look really good, but they take forever to apply, as I'm sure you can imagine, because for a decent look you have to apply loads of them. I've used them a couple of times before. This is a picture from my year 13 prom where I was wearing them.

That picture makes me really wish I'd never bleached my hair. Look at how healthy and shiny it is! :(

The flares are so much easier to use though. You have to use less of them, and they're a lot easier to put on as there's a lot less of a chance that you'll glue them on rotated in the wrong direction, which is a problem with the extensions.
I've used both Eylure and Ardell individual flares. A pack generally comes in at around £5, so about the same price as a pair of strip lashes.

The Eylure ones have knotted bases, and the Ardell are knot-free. I don't think it makes much of a difference, but the Ardell ones do give you a slightly more even lash-line. (If you use too much glue though, even knotless lashes are going to look lumpy.)

You can get packs of flares in various lengths, but I always get a mixed pack with short, medium and long flares in so I can create a natural look.
They're really easy to use, all you do is use tweezers to pick up a lash, dip the pointed end in the glue, wipe off any excess, then place it ontop of your eyelashes in the right place and hold it there for a few seconds until it sticks. It might be a little fiddly the first time, but it gets easier with practise. It only takes me a few seconds with each lash now.
I usually start in the centre of my eyelashes with the medium length lashes, then work out what looks good from there. Currently I have 15 individual flares on each eye, 4 long on the outer corners, 6 medium in the middle and 5 towards the inner corners. Although they're darker than my natural lashes, they still look more natural than a lot of falsies. Here's a comparison shot I took after I'd done one eye. These ones are by Ardell by the way.

I look really crazy for some reason!

I don't like leaving the house (or my room as it is in halls here) without mascara on, as I feel I look "eyeless" without big eyelashes, so wearing these is great when I'm in a rush in the mornings, like when I have 8am starts(! - France is mental!), all I need to do is whack on a bit of concealer to look presentable (not that I don't prefer having a full face on though.)

Here's what they look like with my make-up done properly. Sorry the light is a little dodgy in these pictures.

As long as you're not too rough when taking your eye make-up off, these will last for up to two weeks I've found. If they fall out, a lot of the time you can just clean them off and pop them back in, and there'll be spares left in the pack you can use to fill in any gaps. Because the glue is strong you can't just pull them out because you'd pull your natural eyelashes out too, but most sets come with a remover liquid which loosens the glue so you can gently slide them off, if you don't want to wait for them to fall out on their own. Don't get it in your eyes though, it stings lots! Use a cotton wool bud dipped in the remover to soak the glue from above.

Oh, and you can use mascara over them too to blend in your narural lashes and generally enhance them even more. As I said before, just be gentle when using make-up remover.

Have any of you tried individual false eyelashes before? Would you give them a go if you haven't before?