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UPDATE: Midlands Blogger Meet - the latest

Firstly, let me just say that Claire and I are both completely overwhelmed at the response we've got to this! We honestly didn't think so many people would express an interest, it's going to be so much fun!

Here's the current plan:
The meet is on Saturday 23rd July (to the Sunday if you're coming for the night out), just incase anyone had forgotten!

We'll meet at around 2pm, probably at the train station or somewhere central. That gives people plenty of time to get there without having to get a realy early train.

Then we'll shop/generally mooch about and chat for the afternoon, before going for drinks and dinner at about 7pm. We've got a couple of ideas on where to eat but haven't booked anything yet, so if there's anywhere you really love in Birmingham let us know!

After dinner it'll then be a girls night out at bars/clubs. Again any suggestions are welcome. If you're coming let me know what kinds of music/club nights you prefer so we can try and plan something to cater to most people's tastes!

If you want to join us on the night out then you'll need to book a hotel room. You'll probably need to share with someone else (unless you're minted!) so try and pair up with someone else who's coming. A possible hotel is Jury's Inn, which you can find good deals for on either Expedia or Those links take you to the options for two people sharing, but there are also rooms with two double beds, or a double and a single, so it would work out even cheaper for three or four people to share. Just have a search on the sites, I'm sure you can all work Expedia just fine. If you're really stuck and don't know any of the other bloggers coming or are too shy to ask people to room with you then give me or Claire an email and we'll try and put people together, but I have confidence that you'll all be able to organise yourselves nicely.

The next morning we'll all meet for a nice greasy fry-up or similar hangover breakfast, before saying our goodbyes!

Here's a list of all the bloggers who have said they're interested in coming, so you can check out each other's blogs and get in contact to arrange rooms if you're staying for the night. I'd also suggest that everyone follows each other on Twitter so it's easier to ask questions and get in touch with each other.

Amy - Forever Curioser - @all__mad__here
Becca - Fashion Train - @fashiontrain

Char - T*Rexes and Tiaras - @dinoprincesschr
Clare - PinkLittleBean - @pinklittlebean
Claire - Jazzpad - @jazz_pad
Daniela - Couture and Crumpets - @danielakate
Danni - Ellieand - @Dannimoo
Elizabeth - Rosalilium - @rosalilium_
Elouise I Need More Clothes - @imeloweez
Emma - Oh Really? - @emmaohreally
Emma CM - Day Dream Believer - @ecorbinmckenzie
Florrie - Intrinsically Florrie - @iflorrie
Gem - Fat Frocks - @Gemma_DS
Gem - From Gem With Love - @FromGemWithLove
Hattie - Inside the Mind of a Disco Ball - @peacocks_hat
Hayley - Strangeness and Charm - @xhjw
Josie - @joezehh
Joy - Dear Joy - @dearjoy
Laura Elizabeth - @LauraElizabeth_
Lily - Llymlrs - @Llymlrs
Louise - Moments & Moonbeams - @momentsandmoons
Lyzi - Being Little - @beinglittle
Maria - Frills n Spills - @frillsnspills
Phoebe - Nobody Chaperones the Charperone
Rebecca - It's Cohen - @rebeccacohen
Rhiiwn - @rhiiwn
Sara - SaraLuxe - @Sara_Luxe
Sarah - Sarah Sees All - @sarahseesall
Sarah - A Million Dresses - @amilliondresses
Selina - Flying Saucer - @selinajelibaby
Sherin - HiFashion - @HiFashionSherin
Sophie Nicole - Inspiration Bazaar

Susie - Take Out In Couture - @TakeoutCouture
Tegan - Tegan on Toast
Vikki - My Favourite Fashion - @MyFavFashion

Once you've got your transport and accomodation booked up please send either myself or Claire an email ( or letting us know! Oh and make sure you're following us both on Twitter! If you don't have it, get it!

Exciting times!


  1. Yey! I'm so excited. Not sure if I'll get a hotel room though as I live quite close to Brum(read, have a boyf that'll pick me up).

    I can't wait to meet some fellow Midlander-bloggers.

  2. oooh lots of people!
    Try Jury's Inn on girls, I got a great deal.
    See you all on the 23rd of July!

  3. Ooh my, how exciting!
    As a newbie to blogger meet ups, I send out a plea to those going for room sharing! Note: I don't drink very much at all and won't want to be out really late because I'm about 40 years old inside. Although saying that, will be fine for like 2/3 o clock. Just not as the sun is coming up!

  4. If I'm not working and can swallow up my fear I'll just be a dayer. Probably a very skint dayer but it'd be lovely to see everyone in the flesh - hmm that sounds creepy "flesh" - gross


  5. oo this sounds great, as a fellow brummie i'll try my best to come along, i'll need to check i'll be in Birmingham first though, but def interested! x

  6. gutted i can't come to this:( thoguht you might wanna check out my blog giveaway though? closes tomorrow :) ronan x

  7. I am so excited for this! Lovely to see lots of people I know online on the list who I can now get to meet and also new blogs to check out :)

    Florrie x


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