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Day 26 - What's in my bag

31 Day Fashion Blogging Challenge.
26th. What's in your bag.

This is my new Luella handbag. I've wanted a Luella handbag for ages, but couldn't afford one when the label was still up and running, and when it closed down, second hand prices shot up. Now they've come down again though, and I got myself this as a "I've made it through uni" present after my last exam for a bargain price on eBay.
I will admit this is a slightly sanitised view of what's in my bag, as I'm sure you don't need to see all of the crumpled up receipts, empty crisp packets, lonely discarded false nails and general junk that's always floating around in the bottom of my handbag, but I have pulled out a couple of more random bits to show you.
Clockwise from top:
My prescription Gok Wan for Specsavers sunglasses are getting a lot of use at the moment. I like it being sunny, but it's a bit warm for me at the moment!
Kindle. I'm currently reading A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin. It's number four in the A Song of Ice and Fire series that the Game of Thrones TV series is based on. I've barely read anything else since starting the first book, I've been completely sucked in by the books. I'd definitely recommend reading them if you haven't already. The tv series is amazing, but the books are even better! I'm glad I have a Kindle to read them on though, as they are all really long, and there's no way I'd lug a huge heavy book around with me everywhere.
Train tickets. I've been doing a fair bit of traveling about for work in the past few weeks, so my bag is always full of rickets and receipts that I need to submit to expenses!
Coffee. I'm still not used to getting up early for work, and I'm bankrupting myself buying coffee from the canteen, so my bag is full of these coffee sachets that I'm taking in myself. I have a huge stash that I've stolen liberated from hotel stays.
iPhone. My case is a really cheapy one from eBay. I'm still lusting after the House of Holland one though. I'm barely using my phone at the moment though, as I've used my data allowance for the month in about 2 weeks, as we're still waiting on internet in our new flat (damn you Orange!!!), so I can't tweet or instagram or constantly check my emails. It's weird to feel so disconnected!
Paracetamol. My dodgy knee is playing up again at the moment, so painkillers are an unfortunate must!< Kirby grips. I find these everywhere. I even found one hanging off a dress I took out of the wardrobe the other day. They're a must-have for me to control my fringe, which has a habit of curling off in strange directions at even the slightest hint of moisture in the air.
Carmex. I only recently used Carmex for the first time, and now I won't be without it. So many lipbalms are utter rubbish and leave your lips dryer than before, but this is a miracle worker!
Business card holder. This was in my stocking last Christmas. I love anything with a Union Flag pattern on it, and this means I've always got business cards ready to hand out if anyone asks about my blog.
Oyster and railcard holder. Another stocking filler, I love this case. It's leather, so it's much more hard-wearing than your average Oyster holder, and I love the train design, I think it's quite chic.
Purse. My purse is from Monki. It was an impulse next-to-the-till purchase, as it was only £6 and is just so shiny and pink!


  1. I really want a Luella bag, this is lovely! I can't be without Carmex, it really is a life saver!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love 'whats in my bag' posts - I'm so nosey! I have never thought to get a business card holder, what a great idea. My business cards tend to languish at the bottom of my bag getting scuffed.


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